What I’m Writing

Work in Progress - 1980s Chick Lit


One of my current projects is a chick lit novel, which is perhaps lighter in its subject matter than Charcoal and Derelict. 

Set in the 1980s, between Manchester and London. After a chance meeting in a department store, Maisie‘s life is turned upside down. The book follows the protagonist as she leaves behind her family, friends and the life she has known for an exciting new opportunity  in London. 

Retro vibes abound!

I’m particularly enjoying this book as I spent a lot of time in Manchester in the past. My research is making me nostalgic and also helping me to identify which of my memories are factual and which I have managed to romanticise over the years!

If you want to join in my journey, I have a Pinterest board dedicated to research for this book. Come and see what I’m looking at, and where I’m drawing my inspiration from. 

Novella in Flash


My novella in flash is a bit of an experiment for me. I have written a lot of flash fiction in the past, but only in isolated chunks. The novella in flash combines a group of individual pieces of flash fiction, all around 1000 words or less, into one consolidated work. 

Without giving too much away, the novella explores themes of perception of people, and personality, and raises the question of whether we ever really know anyone. I am interested in the idea that we each have sides of ourselves that we show to different people that we encounter, whether this be intentional or simply due to the type of relationship that we have with them. 

Psychological Thriller


My next release, later in 2020, will be a psychological thriller. I’m just wrapping up the first draft, and I’m excited about the story!

No spoiler, but it centres on Becky, a teenager who tries to leave her past behind her...but is haunted by things from which there seem to be no escape.